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I do not know, but I have to use daily dictionaries and translators. And in such cases it is a tool, like Free Language Translator in real time, a defender. Free Translator Translated by Google Translated is a handy tool for translating texts into more than 40 languages ​​in servicesGoogle. , It has some interesting features, such as automatic discovery of source languages, accuracy calculator and even created parameters. Advanced user function (function {) {(‚review-app-page-desktop‘);}); Using Free Language Translator is very simple. All that you needyou need to do this, write the source text to the left panel (you can enter it, copy it to the clipboard or drag directly to the program interface) and click the „Back“ button. After a few seconds, when you are online, of course: you will receive a translation on the right side of the panel. Thenyou can copy it to the clipboard or save it to the Language Translator, setting Some of them include, for example, selecting a custom font for text and selecting a different keyboard layout when they return to the language they use for different keyboards. Freetranslator Google Translator – a powerful and powerful translator that directly translates directly to your desktop.

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